Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the delivery and pick-up cost?

If the cost of your camping rental or outdoor gear rental is under $100, there is a $25 delivery fee.

If it's over $100, it's free! 

What if I want to rent it for more than a weekend?

You can rent Packlist items or kits for up to 30 days. For the kits and larger items, discounts apply for over 3 days, and over 7 days. If you want to rent for longer than a month, we would be happy to give you an even better deal! Please email to arrange it. 

Is your gear clean and safe?

Very. We always clean and sanitize each and every rental item that comes back to us. Recently, we have worked with an Infectious Disease Specialist from the Centre for Disease Control to finely tune our procedures during Covid. This is why we are cleaning/sanitizing our camping rentals and outdoor gear rentals and then isolating them for 48 hours. This may have an impact on our product availability, and for that we apologize. 

Can I pick up my rentals in person?

Unfortunately, no. We are a local Vancouver company that rents, delivers, and picks up camping and outdoor gear. We don't have a storefront. It's how we keep costs low so you can have the most affordable options available. Plus, we're all about making things easy, and what's easier than delivery and pick-up? However, if you have extenuating circumstances, send us an email to We're reasonable folks, we can probably work something out!

Can you customize a Packlist for me?

Probably! You can customize your own Packlist with the items in our individual items rental selection. But if you are going on some bananas adventure and need help with outfitting, well, we love bananas adventures and we do like doing that kind of stuff. Send an email to and we would love to chat about it, but no guarantees. 

Can I order, for example, a three-person or seven-person package?

Sort of! The best option is to rent a two- or four-person camp kit and add items from the individual rental selection. Say, for instance, you want a six-person kit, you can rent the four person kit and add a two- or three-person tent, two sleeping bags, two sleeping pads, two pillows, two camp chairs, two headlamps, and a cook set. That would sort you out perfectly. If you have any questions, we can help! We love helping people get outdoors. Email us at

Do you have any ideas about where I can go camping?

We do! We are working hard to get a camping and hiking guide section up on the website, but British Columbia is a big place, so that's a lot of work (though the research is super fun.) In the meantime, email and we can try to answer your questions. We love the outdoors, we spend a lot of time out in the mountains, and we are always happy to help. 

I have more questions!

Well, we have more answers then! Send your questions or comments to and we'd be happy to answer them.