The outdoors, on your doorstep.

It's pretty simple, really. Camping and outdoor gear rentals, delivered to your home. If you're just visiting, no problem! We can drop it off at your hotel, Airbnb, or any other place with an address. If those options don't work, that's ok, just send us an email and we can figure something out. 
Once you book your rentals online, we will immediately reach out through email or text message to arrange delivery and pick-up times to make things easy for you.

On the evening before your rental begins you will receive a sturdy storage bin(s) with all your gear. everything will arrive clean and sanitized.  

Then go out and have fun!

When you're done, just put all the returnable items back in the bin. On the day after your rental, we will come pick it up at the pre arranged time and place. 

Perfect if you're looking for great gear that you can rely on. Or if you just need to add a few small things to make your camping or hiking trip perfect. No more panic, no more rooting through the attic. No more arriving at the campsite, having forgotten your tent poles.

Camping and outdoor gear, made easy.


Any other questions? Click here for our FAQ.